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How a Telecommunications Giant Established Universal Data Access

By | on 03, Apr 2020 |   case study data lake presto

  Our customer base has been growing quickly, and we’re excited to share a case study highlighting one of our largest clients, a telecommunications giant.  This Fortune 100 company serves mo[...]

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Starburst brings an enterprise-ready Presto to Microsoft Azure & HDInsight users

By | on 17, Apr 2019 |   azure data lake technical features

Parts of this blog were co-authored by Ashish Thapliyal Principal Program Manager, Azure HDInsight Starburst Data is excited to have our latest release, Starburst Presto 302e, be a part of t[...]

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Data Lakes without Hadoop

By | on 14, May 2018 |   optionality data lake

It seems like migrating to the cloud has dominated the news and a lot of companies are shuttering their data centers and letting cloud providers handle it for them. Reasons such as elasticit[...]

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The Floodgates Are Open - S3 to EC2 now at 25Gbps!

By | on 31, Jan 2018 |   aws data lake

Some great news from the AWS folks. They have increased network bandwidth for EC2 instances when communicating with S3. For those of you that use Presto on AWS, this is GREAT news! One of th[...]

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