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6 Reasons to Attend Datanova 2022: #4, Accenture Master Class

By | on 19, Jan 2022 |

So far, we’ve highlighted a few reasons why you should attend Datanova: The Data Mesh Summit: The Woz and Justin Borgman. The next reason is so amazing, it deserves its own theme song.

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The Potential Impact of Data Mesh Across Industries

By | on 18, Jan 2022 |

Beginning on the journey to a Data Mesh can be an overwhelming task. Where do you start? During Datanova for Data Leaders, we featured a panel on how Data Mesh is affecting organizations acr[...]

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Don’t Hit Reset On Your Digital Transformation

By | on 18, Jan 2022 |

Digital transformation reimagines business models by integrating digital capabilities with people and processes. Over the past few years, you’ve made material investments in your digital cul[...]

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What Fully Managed Means to Starburst

By | on 14, Jan 2022 |

Starburst solves the problem of sprawling data ecosystems by providing a mechanism for you to directly query your data. Starburst was built upon the foundation laid by the open-source Massiv[...]

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The Right Way to Query Across Data Sources in Tableau (or, The Cross-Database Join Is Not Always Your Friend)

By | on 13, Jan 2022 |

Summary Use the right tool for the right job. Not doing so means the difference between your Tableau viz rendering in seconds vs. minutes or even hours. Cross-database joins against non-triv[...]

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6 Reasons to Attend Datanova 2022: #2, Justin Borgman

By | on 12, Jan 2022 |

As we see it, there are six big reasons to sign up for Datanova: The Data Mesh Summit, with our super exciting fireside chat with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak being the first. Cue the musi[...]

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Data Mesh Book Bulletin: Principle of Federated Computational Governance

By | on 11, Jan 2022 |   Data Mesh Book Summary

Despite the investments and effort poured into next-generation data storage systems, data warehouses and data lakes have failed to provide data engineers, data analysts, and data leaders tru[...]

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6 Reasons to Attend Datanova 2022: #6, Zhamak Dehghani, Creator of Data Mesh

By | on 07, Jan 2022 |

The self-professed “troublemaker” Zhamak Dehghani, who coined Data Mesh will join us for not one but two sessions! 

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Achieving Lightning-Fast Analytics on the Salesforce Customer 360

By | on 06, Jan 2022 |

Over the past twenty or so years, companies have experienced a Cambrian explosion of where their customer data resides.Cloud and on-premises enterprise applications aim to offer a "single so[...]

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6 Reasons to Attend Datanova 2022: #1, Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak

By | on 05, Jan 2022 |

I’m delighted to announce Starburst’s annual conference Datanova: The Data Mesh Summit. To kick off this one-of-a-kind event, we have a very special keynote. Drum roll, please…

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Data Mesh and Starburst: Federated Computational Governance

By | on 04, Jan 2022 |

This blog was co-authored by Starburst Solutions Architect Andy Mott.

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The Top 5 Blogs of 2021

By | on 31, Dec 2022 |

The year 2021 has been an incredible year of action, growth, and innovation at Starburst. From launching Starburst Galaxy, the first cross cloud analytics solution, to key executive hires li[...]

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