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Star Wars Family Therapy: A Festive and Funny Video Series

Happy Star Wars Day! For this year’s festivities, we decided to get creative and feature our Starburst Data Jedis (engineers) as the Star Wars characters you know and love in a video series we call “Star Wars Family Therapy” where we give you an inside look at the complicated family dynamic found in a galaxy far, far away. I play the role of Yoda, a family therapist trying to settle the tension between Princess Leia, played by our Director of Engineering Colleen Tartow, Kylo Ren, played by our TechOps Engineer Katie Paugh, and Luke Skywalker, played by our VP of Engineering Ken Pickering.

We hope you enjoy our slightly off-beat take on Star Wars Family Therapy:


As you‘ve probably guessed, we’re all huge Star Wars fans. Like the force, data is all around us. It surrounds us. It binds the galaxy together. It flows in and out of everything we do. Every device, every console, every transaction, every click, every transmission, every message, every being. But right now data is trapped. It is confined. It goes unused, unseen. Starburst is the power that allows you to access this data, to use it for good. No matter which system your data is coming from - Tatooine, Dagobah, Hoth, or clusters in Cloud City, to nodes on premises of any homeworld - Starburst unites these systems against the tyranny of data lock-in. 

“You must unlearn what you have learned.” - Yoda (And stop moving all of your data in order to use it).

No matter where point A or B is, what kind of intelligence you hope to derive from your data, Starburst is the fastest method to gain insights from all of your information. No longer are you wasting 70% of your time and resources ETLing your data, stuck in the bureaucracy of the Empire. Put your data on the fastest engine in the galaxy, Starburst Enterprise, and make use of it in real-time - the rebel way.

Starburst is purpose-built to unlock all of your data. Our mission is to free our customers to see the invisible and achieve the impossible.

To learn more about how Starburst can accelerate your data analytics at hyperspeed, register for Datanova for Data Analysts. Seats are filling fast so RSVP today!

May the Fourth be with you!


Jess Iandiorio

Jess is the Chief Marketing Officer at Starburst. She's held marketing leadership positions at Mirakl, Drift, Acquia (Exited to Vista Equity Partners for $1B+) and Endeca (Acquired by Oracle for $1B+).

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