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Kamil Bajda-Pawlikowski

Kamil Bajda-Pawlikowski

Kamil is a Co-Founder and CTO of Starburst. Previously, Kamil was the chief architect at the Teradata Center for Hadoop in Boston, focusing on the open source SQL engine Presto, and the cofounder and chief software architect of Hadapt, the first SQL-on-Hadoop company (acquired by Teradata). Kamil began his journey with Hadoop and modern MPP SQL architectures about 10 years ago during a doctoral program at Yale University, where he co-invented HadoopDB, the original foundation of Hadapt’s technology. He holds an MS in computer science from Wroclaw University of Technology and both an MS and an MPhil in computer science from Yale University. Kamil is co-author of several US patents and a recipient of 2019 VLDB Test of Time Award.

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Starburst Enriches Google BigQuery’s Customer Experience with Access to Data Across Hybrid, Cross-Cloud, Salesforce, and Data Warehouses

By | on 05, Apr 2022 |

At Starburst, we’re partnering with Google Cloud to allow hybrid and cross-cloud federation of data and analytics. With this new offering, Starburst supports data federation  for Google BigQ[...]

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Coming Full Circle: Why Performance Matters

By | on 26, Aug 2021 |

My fascination with SQL query performance started quite some time ago and I contributed a paper on efficient processing of data warehousing during my graduate research. I always believed str[...]

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Why Data Lakehouse Architecture Now?

By | on 20, Jul 2021 |

Recently I presented with my colleagues, Justin Borgman, CEO of Starburst, and Daniel Abadi, Chief Scientist, at The Data and AI Summit by Databricks and discussed the need for the data lake[...]

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How to Prepare for Hadoop’s Uncertain Future

By | on 30, Jul 2020 |   hadoop

Back in 2008, when I first started working with Hadoop as a graduate student at Yale Computer Science Department, it was already being touted as the future of big data analytics. Today, the [...]

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Presto Summit 2018 recap

By | on 23, Jul 2018 |   presto summit presto

A few weeks ago, together with the Presto team at Facebook, we announced the first-ever Presto Summit. In less than 2 weeks the event was sold out as the number of sign-ups exceeded the venu[...]

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Announcing the first-ever Presto Summit

By | on 02, Jul 2018 |   presto summit

Calling all Distributed SQL Fans! Presto Summit July 16th at Facebook Together with our friends at Facebook, we are excited to announce the first-ever Presto Summit! Since Presto’s introduct[...]

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Starburst @ Strata --- 3x Presto!

By | on 13, Mar 2018 |   Company Update

The Strata Data conference in San Jose last week was another great event in the Strata series. Those coming from the Hadoop background definitely noticed how little Hadoop there was. Quite a[...]

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