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Jeremy Akers

Jeremy Akers

Jeremy cultivated his domain expertise in data virtualization back in 2008 through supporting Composite Software’s data virtualization product. There, he focused his efforts in consulting and pre-sales with a concentration on high value PoCs as well as building long term production solutions for customers. Over the years, Cisco acquired that business group, then divested from Cisco and acquired by TIBCO. He left a couple years after working nearly 10 years in the data virtualization space. Operating within the data virtualization group exposed him to so many different database and API platforms that, at this point, he’s lost count.

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How Data Mesh Scales Data Virtualization

By | on 15, Sep 2021 |

Today’s business forecast: sunny with a 100% chance of data driving our economy. It’s a fact that data leaders and organizations want to make data-driven decisions. In a recent report publis[...]

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