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Brian Luisi

Brian Luisi

Brian Luisi has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Brown University and is the Regional Manager of Presales Solution Architects at Starburst where he draws from over a decade of data management experience.

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Starburst Stargate: One Cluster to Rule Them All

By | on 09, Dec 2021 |

I think of Starburst Stargate as the Lord of the Rings feature. Or the galactic empire feature.   In a prior blog post, I introduced dynamic filtering, an important feature for achieving goo[...]

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Dynamic Filtering: Supporting High Speed Access to Data

By | on 20, Sep 2021 |

Analysts are often tasked with deriving insights for business units where the data can span multiple locations.  This is increasingly true today when the need to make rapid decisions based o[...]

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Accelerating Data Science with Trino

By | on 31, Aug 2021 |

At our Datanova for Data Scientists conference on July 14, I held a discussion with Dain Sundstrom and David Philips, CTOs of Starburst, about how Trino and Starburst can make the role of th[...]

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Presto & Data Science: Getting Data Into the Hands of Data Scientists (Faster)

By | on 26, Jun 2020 |   spark presto Technical Blog Data Science

A few days ago I read a Gartner report stating that data scientists spend 23% of their time on data collection and preparation. I think that’s low. At my previous company I specialized in ET[...]

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