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Video: How to Migrate from EMR to Starburst Enterprise Presto

In this video, I walk you through the steps of migrating between an existing EMR Presto cluster that has existing data in S3 and MySQL to using a Starburst Enterprise Presto cluster in its place. While the video assumes that Presto is secured within a VPC and not directly exposed to any direct outside traffic, we will work through any specific security or data source setting that you may specifically face. This video was created to generally show how straight forward this migration is from an architectural point of view.

Brian Olsen

Brian is a U.S. Marine turned software engineer and developer advocate working to foster the open-source Presto community. Brian spent four years as a data engineer at a cybersecurity company working on pipeline maintenance and query optimization. While in this role, Brian was responsible for maintaining data pipelines and migrations to include replacing some legacy data warehousing systems to use open-source Presto. Brian is a published author in ACM and IEEE geospatial database conferences.

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