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Trino on Ice IV: Deep Dive Into Iceberg Internals

By | on 08, Jun 2021 |   Iceberg

Welcome back to the Trino on Ice blog series that has so far covered some very interesting high level concepts of the Iceberg model, and how you can take advantage of them using the Trino qu[...]

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Trino on Ice III: Iceberg Concurrency Model, Snapshots, and the Iceberg Spec

By | on 25, May 2021 |   Iceberg

Welcome back to this blog series discussing the amazing features of Apache Iceberg. In the last two blog posts, we’ve covered a lot of cool feature improvements of Iceberg over the Hive mode[...]

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Trino on Ice II: In-Place Table Evolution and Cloud Compatibility with Iceberg

By | on 11, May 2021 |   Trino Iceberg

In-place table evolution and cloud compatibility with Iceberg

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Trino On Ice I: A Gentle Introduction To Iceberg

By | on 27, Apr 2021 |   sql Iceberg

We’re excited to debut this blog series ‘Trino on Ice’ with a gentle introduction to Iceberg. Stay tuned for future posts from the Trino perspective on Iceberg’s table properties, cloud comp[...]

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