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Starburst Elements: What is Starburst Enterprise?

Your company has more data than ever before, but your data teams are stuck waiting to analyze it.  Starburst unlocks the value of data by making it fast and easy to analyze anywhere. Starburst queries data across any database, making it instantly actionable for organizations. With Starburst, teams can lower the total cost of their infrastructure and analytics investments, use the tools that work best for their business, and our open source Trino roots prevent data lock-in. Trusted by companies like Zalando, FINRA, and Condé Nast, Starburst helps companies make better decisions faster on all data.

In this first episode of our new video series Starburst Elements, focused around anything and everything Starburst, we give an overview on what exactly Starburst Enterprise is. Watch the full video below!

For more on Starburst, check out our Starburst 101 Workshop on April 15th. Register here.



Latifah Obaid

Content Marketing Specialist

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