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E-Commerce Giant Zalando Reduces Computing Cost by 50% and Drives Efficiency with Starburst

Zalando SE is Europe’s leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle. Europe’s most fashionable technology company boasts $5B in annual revenues, largely from selling brand-name clothing and footwear online. With the huge shift to online shopping, the already popular company has seen both its business and its data grow steadily.

When Zalando decided to transition to an AWS cloud data lake, the company needed to give its buyers and business analysts a more efficient way to extract value from this data. Zalando deployed Starburst Enterprise Presto for its cost savings, fine-grained security, enterprise support, and superior performance. In our latest case study we detail why Zalando chose Starburst Enterprise Presto to compliment their current cloud architecture and how that’s helped them make more data-driven business decisions.

Starburst and AWS

Zalando selected Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) as the place to build its data lake due to its scalability, cost effectiveness, and durability. Bringing Starburst into the mix has helped them save 50% on their AWS computing costs so far.

“The decision to deploy Starburst Enterprise Presto was made simpler because it has proven to be a reliable, fast, and stable query engine for S3 data lakes.”
- Zalando Engineering Lead Alberto Miorin

Working better, together.

As the fully supported, production-tested, enterprise-grade distribution of open source Presto, Starburst Enterprise Presto is constantly adding connectors, demonstrating Starburst’s ongoing commitment to provide fast access to customer data no matter where it resides. With AWS and Starburst Enterprise Presto, Zalando has the fast, affordable, secure data access the company needs to maintain its position as Europe’s e-commerce leader in a difficult economy.

Thanks to Starburst Enterprise Presto, the company is now also enjoying:

  • Enterprise support from the creators of Presto
  • Platform stability and performance
  • 50% savings via autoscaling
  • Security for GDPR
  • Self-service BI to access data they couldn’t query in the past

Want To Read More?

For more details be sure to check out the full case study here (it’s a quick read!). Be sure to check back for more customer-centric posts in the coming weeks. We have some truly amazing clients and we’re excited to start sharing more stories about how they’re using Starburst Enterprise Presto.


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