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Datanova for Data Leaders at a Glance!

Early registrations for Datanova: The Data Mesh Summit are now open. Save your spot today!

Datanova for Data Leaders wraps our conference series for the year that produced almost 20 hours of high quality educational, thought leadership, and technical content. Designed to empower data and analytics teams around the world to get the best and most out of their data, the event series logged more than 35 sessions, 50 speakers, and 6,500 registrants

This final installment in the Datanova series was a two-hour leadership summit on “All Things Data Mesh,” a new architectural approach that Starburst strongly supports. The objective was to educate, empower, and inspire data leaders through carefully curated sessions. Justin Borgman, our Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO set the tone of the conference by introducing Data Mesh at the very onset while also establishing the need for an analytics engine (like Starburst) for Data Mesh. Andy Mott, our Lead Solution Architect and Data Mesh Lead, then shared a primer on Data Mesh – its basics, founding principles, relevance, and importance.

Orchestrated by Jess Iandiorio, CMO at Starburst, the summit saw an incredible line up of subject matter experts including Zhamak Dehghani, the founder of the Data Mesh paradigm. Some highlights from the day are captured below: 

Accenture: Is Data Mesh the Answer to Data Democratization?

"Data Mesh is a strategy for democratization by evolving the data platform from being application centric into something that is much more federated by design," says Teresa Tung, Cloud First Chief Technologist at Accenture.

In her keynote, Teresa answers the big question – Is Data Mesh the Answer to Data Democratization – in affirmative by mapping out the key attributes of Data Mesh to the practical outcomes of Data Democratization. Whether it’s unlocking technical debt and realizing technical wealth or reimaging how you operate, innovate, and collaborate, she provides fantastic insights through powerful storytelling and solid research. 

Stream the full on-demand session here.

Panel Discussion: The Potential Impact of Data Mesh Across Industries

Moderated by Paul Gillin, this forward looking panel – comprising of Mangesh Patil, Director of Data Science and Engineering at Disney, Richard Jarvis, Chief Technology Officer at EMIS Health, and Zhamak Dehghani, Director of Next Tech Incubation at Thoughtworks – offers interesting insights and perspectives on the potential impact and ROI of Data Mesh. 

“I strongly believe in the idea of data as a product, and I think Data Mesh is a very promising way of delivering on that goal,” says Disney’s Mangesh Patil. “With Starburst, we can demonstrate the value [of a Data Mesh] by pulling the data quickly in a way where you can rapidly do feature engineering, build models, and actually put them in production.” 

“The ability to bring all the data together in a decentralized way in one analytical capability, allows you to react much more quickly and actually changes how you can deliver healthcare to patients,” adds EMIS’ Richard Jarvis. 

Stream the full on-demand session here.

Customer Spotlight: Priceline Achieves Travel Innovation with Starburst

Valli Musti, Head of Data Technology at Priceline, shares the Priceline journey of innovation from a traditional Enterprise Data Warehouse to a modern Data Mesh paradigm with Starburst at its core. The leading travel dealmaker is now able to explore data in a self-service mode through a single point of secure data access. 

“Data Mesh and Starburst allow us to connect to disparate data sources while letting the data live in those sources,” informs Valli. “The end users don’t have to know where the data is coming from and they are able to access data from everywhere in the enterprise.” 

Further, the architectural shift is expected to enable Priceline to accelerate data discovery, better understand their customer, and lead digital transformation.

Stream the full on-demand session here.

The summit also featured a session from Insight, a Starburst partner. Ken Seier, their Chief Architect for Data and AI demonstrates how Insight helps their customers realize the true potential of Data Mesh. With data exploration made easy, organizations now have access to all their data in a well-governed format which makes the promise of a data hub come true.

Zhamak signs off with: “The journey of a thousand steps begins with one!” And we could not agree more. If you’re ready to take the next steps, mark your calendars for an educational journey with Starburst. Early registrations for Datanova: The Data Mesh Summit are now open. If you have a Data Mesh story to tell, we want to hear from you!  

Chitra Rakesh

Chitra is a marketing leader and a former journalist. She has more than 12 years of experience in technology startups with a strong focus on content and communications. She currently works as the Director of Content Marketing at Starburst.

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