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Data Analytics Disrupted: Why I Joined Starburst

Last week, I joined Starburst Data – Analytics Anywhere.  

Why did I join Starburst instead of the hundreds of other companies also in the data and analytics space?   

Simply put, I went to a company whose vision aligns with my beliefs.  That vision is a paradigm shift in how we consume and correlate data. It became obvious to me several years ago when IDC published the expected rate of data growth for 2025 and how quickly that data will need to be consumed, that the data space is deserving of a new, path-breaking approach.  

If we will generate such a massive amount of data in such a short period of time, how is anyone going to get value out of it in real-time or near real-time using current approaches? We also need to take into consideration that businesses don’t want to use just their operational or analytic data — they want to correlate their data alongside their own, public, or industry data. 

This demand challenges the current “single source of truth” approach to storing data. How are customers going to get all the data into a single location fast enough to make meaningful real-time decisions? What is the cost to any business of missed opportunity?   

In late 2020, I stumbled across Zhamak Dehghani and Martin Fowler’s write-up around Data Mesh. The idea that any consumer could “subscribe” to data that is valuable to them — knowing that the data is clean, accurate, and secure – made sense to me.  

Some of the biggest challenges that impede companies from being successful around analytics, is the amount of time that it takes to deploy the tools that make up the pipeline. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that works for every question the business wants to ask and understand.  The need to iterate against different models and different sets of data adds complexity. What if we can break the chains of implementing analytic pipelines? What if we can speed up the time to get value out of this same data by accessing it from wherever in the world it lives? Even better, no longer having multiple copies of out-of-sync data, no longer being worried about data sovereignty, and securing the data at the source.

WhatIf (1)

Over the past 3 years of researching, talking to customers, challenging what I believed about data consumption, I’ve realized that the data space is deserving of disruption. Through this process, data analytics has become a huge passion of mine. While we will continue to see this space evolve, I knew that I wanted to play a bigger role in helping customers succeed! I believe that Starburst, the analytics engine for Data Mesh, will play a major role in customers being successful with data analytics. It is the closest product that I’ve seen capable of providing a Data Mesh approach to customers.  

In this first week at Starburst, I’ve learned that it is even better than I ever imagined. The leadership is not only technically talented but they also demonstrate great command of their business — all while being super humble.  I’ve already seen an amazing willingness of the team to jump in and help each other out.  And there is a relentless drive and focus on making a huge impact in the big data space so that customers can be successful!   

I’ve never been more excited to join a team of like-minded individuals!   

If you would like to learn more about Starburst, Data Mesh, or hear from Zhamak Dehghani (she’s amazing), please join me at Datanova: The Data Mesh Summit.  Register here!

Stacie Brown

Stacie is a Solutions Architect at Starburst with over 25 years of Systems Administration, Solutions Architecture and Technical Consulting experience

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