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Adrian Estala

Adrian Estala

Adrian Estala is the VP of Starburst’s Data Mesh Consulting Services and the host of Data Mesh TV. With a background in leading Digital and IT Portfolio Transformations, he understands the value of creating executive frameworks that focus on material business outcomes. Skilled with getting the most out of data-driven investments, Adrian is your trusted adviser to navigating complex data environments and integrating a Data Mesh strategy in your organization.

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Combining Data Mesh and Data Fabric Capabilities

By | on 29, Apr 2022 |

This blog was co-authored by Mayank Mehra, Head of Product Management at Modak.

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Jump Start Your Data Mesh Strategy

By | on 04, Mar 2022 |

There is business urgency to deliver data-driven results today. The Data Mesh journey will require a transformational change program (people & process), but getting started is not diffic[...]

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Data Mesh TV: A CDO Discussion on the Data Mesh Journey

By | on 23, Feb 2022 |   Data Mesh TV

This blog was co-authored by Chief Data Officer Marco Hoppenbrouwer. 

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Datanova 2022: Are You Data Mesh Ready?

By | on 21, Jan 2022 |

During a bright and early morning session on day two (Thursday February 10, 2022 at 10:30am EST) at this year’s Datanova: The Data Mesh Summit, I’ll be guiding attendees through what it mean[...]

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Don’t Hit Reset On Your Digital Transformation

By | on 18, Jan 2022 |

Digital transformation reimagines business models by integrating digital capabilities with people and processes. Over the past few years, you’ve made material investments in your digital cul[...]

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2022-25 Data Strategy: Three New Actionable Ideas for the CDO

By | on 15, Dec 2021 |

As a former CDO, I know that CDOs and digital transformation leaders are currently refreshing their 2022-25 strategies and looking for new ways to accelerate value while continuing to chip a[...]

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