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Announcing: Starburst Galaxy

Today at Datanova, we announced our brand new product, Starburst Galaxy, a cloud-native service which provides fast and secure access to all of the data within your organization. Galaxy makes it possible to perform analytics anywhere, without painful data movement and data duplication. Whether you need to analyze data in a data lake, data warehouse, or both, Galaxy has you covered.

Starburst is built on the widely used open source Trino project (formerly known as PrestoSQL). Created by Martin Traverso, Dain Sundstrom, David Phillips and Eric Hwang at Facebook before joining Starburst, Trino was designed to solve the data and scalability challenges seen at large technology companies. Since then, Trino has gained viral adoption and is used at companies like LinkedIn, Lyft, Netflix and many hundreds more.

Over the last three years with Starburst Enterprise, we’ve launched Starburst on AWS followed by Google Cloud Platform and Azure. With our Kubernetes support, Starburst Enterprise can run on virtually any environment. We’ve added 35+ connectors ranging from data lakes to data warehouses, providing our customers with the ability to see the whole story in their data and generate new insights faster than ever. 

Starburst Galaxy is the next frontier as we continue to innovate and empower users with fast access to all data. It is a fully automated, cloud-native platform designed for people who analyze data using the tools they already know. In just a few clicks, users have access to data from a variety of sources. Designed specifically for multi-cloud analytics, Starburst Galaxy decreases the time-to-insight with production-ready Trino, built-in security, and an easy-to-use interface.

Starburst Galaxy key benefits include:

  • Reduced infrastructure management overhead for data operations pros. Starburst Galaxy simplifies cluster management, provides tools to help optimize queries and control costs, and provides cost transparency to enable chargeback.
  • Reduced data movement & copy burden for data engineers.  With the ability to access data where it lives, including joining data from different sources, Starburst Galaxy reduces the need to move & copy data for analytics.
  • Better & faster decision-making on more data for data consumers. Data analysts & scientists benefit from faster access to new data for ad hoc + discovery analytics, reduced reliance on data engineering for data movement,  and can seamlessly join data across sources, all while continuing to self-service with their BI tool of choice.
  • Enables a data-driven organization while achieving data governance. Starburst Galaxy includes global security features including authentication, fine-grained access control, detailed security auditing and more. Companies no longer need to make tradeoffs between data access security and speed.

If you’d like to learn more about Starburst Galaxy, please join Matt Fuller, Kyle Hunter and Vishal Singh at tomorrow’s Product Announcement session at Datanova

Our public beta period is now open, if you’d like the opportunity to be one of the first to try our new offering sign-up today .

Justin Borgman

Justin is the co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Starburst. Prior to founding Starburst, Justin was Vice President and General Manager at Teradata (NYSE: TDC), where he was responsible for the company’s portfolio of Hadoop products. Prior to joining Teradata, Justin was co-founder and CEO of Hadapt, the pioneering “SQL-on-Hadoop” company that transformed Hadoop from file system to analytic database accessible to anyone with a BI tool. Hadapt was acquired by Teradata in 2014.

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