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6 Reasons to Attend Datanova 2022: #6, Zhamak Dehghani, Creator of Data Mesh

The self-professed “troublemaker” Zhamak Dehghani, who coined Data Mesh will join us for not one but two sessions! 

Data Mesh vs. Data Fabric

Zhamak Dehghani, Director of Emerging Technologies at Thoughtworks will first join us for a hot debate on Data Mesh vs. Data Fabric. In this Oxford-style debate, Zhamak will take the Data Mesh position. She’ll be joined by Dr. Daniel Abadi, Professor of Computer Science at University of Maryland College Park who will take on the Data Fabric angle. This session will be moderated by former Gartner Analyst Sanjeev Mohan, who will be the perfect host to this great debate.

I will provide one spoiler for this session: This won’t end with one approach being the clear winner, but the goal is to break down the merits of each approach and when each should be used.

Our stance is that both Data Fabric and Data Mesh architectures can co-exist, there should not be a forced choice to follow one approach or the other. Data Fabric is an integration pattern helping aid data movement for data that needs to be moved/centralized. Data Mesh is a distributed data pattern carrying many organizational and business process change elements that facilitate faster analytics on more data. There’s also the shining light of the data product concept here, but that could be applied in a data fabric or mesh approach. 

Register now to watch this debate! It will be clutch!

Zhamak Dehghani’s Data Mesh: Strategy & Execution 

Finally, Zhamak’s second talk will close out Datanova with a presentation dedicated to building your Data Mesh strategy & execution. She will reflect on the core principles, effective real-world applications, and best practices for adopting a Data Mesh strategy.


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Jess Iandiorio

Jess is the Chief Marketing Officer at Starburst. She's held marketing leadership positions at Mirakl, Drift, Acquia (Exited to Vista Equity Partners for $1B+) and Endeca (Acquired by Oracle for $1B+).

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